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This Crazy Life

I could have written this blog about any number of things. A few that crossed my mind were…

“Fluffy Girls aren’t Lazy”
“Women need chemical-resistant gloves too”
“Vowels are important”
and my personal favorite “I too can rock the hot pink yoga pants”

Luckily for my readers… all of those were decided against.

Instead, I decided for my first blog to simply lay the groundwork for all things covered in this blog. It would be nice if I could find a medium of creativity and stick with it, but I have found that that doesn’t usually work for me. I refinished my first set of end tables using spray paint, old family photos, and resin…


But only two projects later found myself redoing a guitar body using a hydro-dip process.


From there I hydro-dipped my son’s bicycle.


Then I decided to try my hand at faux stained glass


From there it was wood refinishing.

And from there I have been toying with some interior design.


I have used just about every medium from chalk paint to wood stripping and staining. Every time I see a new piece, I wait until it tells me what it wants to be. Unfortunately, it is rare that it wants to be something I have already done. That would be too easy. Consequently, I have learned a ton of what-not-to-do’s and many tips and tricks to making most jobs easier. It helps that my wonderful hubby lets me use all of his tools and supports me in just about whatever I want to take on.

You should probably know from the get-go, that we are as real as it gets around here. Life is life and life is crazy. It’s not always perfectly staged and well dressed. It just is. If you want it real, you have come to the right place!